The Prisoner's Dilemma - Revised Rules for Competition 1


The winners of the first competition that was held in July 2003 were a team from Southampton University, UK who submitted multiple strategies, some of which acted as "fall guys" and once they were aware they were in competition with a friend they simply maximised their opponents score.

The cheating? page contains a discussion on this point.

In order to stop everybody submitting tens (or hundreds or thousands) of strategies (which would be impossible to run), we have to impose a limit on the number of strategies from a single player. Therefor, the maximum number of strategies, per player is 20.
We define a player as a strategy that knowingly colludes with another strategy. Therefore, person X enters a strategy amd so does person Y, but the strategies collude, then we consider this as one player - even if the entries are submitted under different strategy names, using different EMAIL addresses, from opposite sides of the world.

We realise that proving this might be difficult, but you know the rules and, if we find out you are cheating then we will eliminate you from the competition.

The scoring will remain the same (i.e. a summation of all your scores), but we will also carry out another calculation whereby we average the score across all your strategies (e.g. you submit 10 strategies, we sum all their scores and divide by 10). However, the original method will determine the winner for competition 1.